Imagine yourself contributing to the development of one of the most dynamic Blockchain FinTech companies in the world, reshaping entire industries and redefining the very essence of how financial services are conducted. This revolutionary innovation is Nexo.

Nexo is providing the blockchain community with the ability to borrow against their digital assets, rather than selling them. The team behind Nexo has been in the online lending automation and credit facilitation business for over 10 years, servicing millions of clients across Europe.

Earlier in 2018, we conducted a very successful 11x oversubscribed Private Pre-Sale and exceeded our funding goal, raising $52.5 million within two weeks. Since then Nexo’s outstanding platform has attracted a vast community of satisfied customers on a global scale.

We are now looking for exceptionally talented and hard-working people to join our unrivalled team.

For an in-depth understanding of the scale of our endeavour, make sure to explore our detailed whitepaper or our short business overview.

Job Description

We are looking to hire a professional to join the growing team of Nexo as an Investor Relations & Community Manager.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop investor confidence and belief in the company’s vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value
  • Develop a robust investor relations strategy and framework
  • Create and manage a strong reputation by demonstrating consistent and clear communication between internal and external parties
  • Provide insights on market activity and present them to the leadership team
  • Analyze and present financial trends, competitor behavior, token holder issues, and anything else that could impact the business
  • Work with legal counsel to assure the community on compliance with regulations
  • Overseeing the complete investor relations program
  • Coordinating and managing the community relations team
  • Evaluating, improving and maintaining positive relationships with shareholders and investors
  • Extending investor relationship program to the vested investment community and the public
  • Collaborating with interlinked departments such as marketing, underwriter, senior executives to establish new product strategies
  • Communicate the new product strategies to peer group communities and organizations
  • Communicating the financial expectations of the vested community back to the management, monitor investment and competitor research information and counseling the management to reach the goals
  • Convey investment community feedback to the senior management and advising on communication strategy for best representation of the company within the financial community
  • Oversee a small team to ensure a positive and active flow of communication between the company, investors and the community through press releases, community social channels and event promotions (if the need arises)
  • Lead Nexo’s community management department globally
  • Recruit, develop, and coach community managers and volunteers in different countries. Lead by example and create an environment in which they can excel through encouragement and empowerment
  • Explore new and/or foreign community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion of Nexo’s user base and influence across the world
  • Keep track of community engagement and performance


  • Hands-on experience with managing large communities across platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Discord, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum; launching an ambassador program; creating an event series; writing an email newsletter)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Proven ability to prioritize and multitask among various channels
  • Outstanding analytical, problem-solving & planning skills
  • Be able to work flexible hours to interact with the community and local community managers
  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to the delegated tasks and responsibilities
  • Curiosity and a strong desire to learn, grow and be up-to-date with the trends and the best practices
  • Ability to work effectively in a fluid, fast-paced environment and meet deadlines; ability to work independently but within one strong team
  • Self-starter and comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment


    • Understanding of the blockchain space and its community
    • Strong understanding of blockchain related terminologies and trends and have a liking for blockchain culture
    • Experience in corporate communications and managing a team of community managers who are responsible for local markets
    • Experience working in tech and internet related sectors
    • Experience in the blockchain space
    • Passion for innovation and disruption of the Blockchain FinTech space

      We offer

      • Competitive base salary
      • Flexible working conditions
      • Bonus options available in tokens
      • An opportunity to be part of a life changing financial innovation